INNOVO® is a non-invasive pelvic floor exerciser that does all the hard work for you. Use at home for only 30 minutes a day, with results in as little as four weeks. Only $42 per month - HSA/FSA eligible.

90 %

of users would recommend the therapy to others3

80 %

of users saw significant improvement after 4 weeks3

87 %

of users were defined as dry or near-dry after 12 weeks2

How INNOVO works

Clinically-proven, safe and convenient

The voice of change

For years we’ve been putting up with bladder leaks.

Tolerating it, not treating it.

But that ends here.

Pads are temporary. We’re fixing this for good.

With INNOVO - We hold the power. We wear the pants.

Real women, real stories

Susie's INNOVO story

"I can finally go out and about and no longer need to worry about restrooms."

Kath's INNOVO story

"It's sheer bliss for a half an hour each night."

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